G’day Shaun,

Received the shirts the other day.. they look absolutely awesome and the guys love them.
One of the boys has been wearing his everywhere he goes lol.
Thanks a bunch for the soft plastics too! They look awesome and we’ll end up using them for one of our prize packs for our next comp. Where did you get them from? Awesome colour!

Just want to say thanks heaps on behalf of the group for the amazing work – when I can get the guys together next as a group I’ll get a few photos of the shirts and place them on your pages.

Cheers again mate, awesome customer service and quality, and we definitely look forward to doing more business with you guys in the future.





Hey I just had to email and say after wearing my shirts for the weekend i have to say they have to be the best dart shirt i have ever worn!! light, didn’t get all clingy when it got hot, oh and everyone loved the design ?

Thanks heaps ?

It looks like we will now be bring the new design for zone 2 shirts to you ? as everyone said how great they are to wear.

thanks heaps

Deb Mottram

Hey Shaun,
Thanks again for your amazing shirt design and great customer service. Please see attached pictures of the team rockin these awesome shirts at the Girls Gone Fishin 2016 tournament in Dundee Beach.

Came in 2nd out of 34 teams!!



Good Morning Shaun,

Just wanted to send you a photo of 3 of our kids in their new shirts. They love them! They look so good.

We have gotten so many comments about them from other members of our club.

Thank you so much again! You guys do amazing work!


Claire Gould

G’day Shaun,

Just letting you know that the shirts arrived today, and I would like to extend my thanks to you and your company. The shirts look great, and we couldn’t be happier !!
Would you be able to keep the design on hand ? It’s just that I am pretty sure that we will be ordering more in the future.
Thanks again mate. Excellent work !! Have a good one.




Thank you thank you thank you!! They look awesome!!


Jessica Yuskan
Whitsunday Regional Council

Gday Mate…
Got the shirts in the post today… They look great!

Cheers for getting them through in time…


Hey Caitlin, received the shirts yesty, they’re awesome .
Everyone’s very happy with how they turned out and the sizes worked out perfect. I’ve already had a few people who didn’t get one ask when the next order is haha.
Thanks heaps for all your work and ill probably be in touch soon coz were lookin at gettin sum hats n stubbie holders made.
Cheers again

I got the shirts thank you very much, I haven’t double checked them all yet but I will this week.

Thanks for everything, it’s been a pleasure and hopefully I’ll have another order at the end of this new season.


Hi Caitlin,

I have received the shirts and they are awesome. Love them thank you


Latisha Bennett

Morning Caitlin,

Received the shirts this morning and WOW, they are brilliant. The colours are fantastic and the sizing perfect J We are very happy with them

We will send some team shots our us in our shirts J