Terms and Conditions

Artwork Fee

We charge an artwork fee to cover the designers time to create your design. All artwork is still owned by Spida Sports  / Promocorner. If you require the file for other printing purposes (for example, stickers, banners, vehicle signage etc)  or to own the copyright there will be extra charges.

Changes to designs:

There is no problems to request changes to your design if its within the same theme / style your originally requested. 
If the design brief changes, for example: changing the theme from Fire to water, this will result in a new artwork fee being charged.

Payment Requirements

In order for us to ensure that we can give our customers great value for money on our complete range of products, all orders must be paid in full before being sent to production.

Purchase Orders

We happily accept purchase orders as payment forthcoming, and will gladly ensure that your order proceeds as quickly as possible into production.

Cancellation Fee

At Promocorner / Spida Sports, we understand that circumstances can arise that require an order to be cancelled, and we strive to keep the cost of cancellation fees to a minimum. These fees will be determined at the time of cancellation.

Incorrect orders

At Promocorner /Spida Sports, we try extremely hard to ensure that our artwork is accurate and to the highest standards.

We take pride in setting high-quality design standards.
We ask that you take the time to view the artwork sent for your approval as Promocorner / Spida Sports will not be liable for any mistakes found after production which has been approved (either signed or confirmed via email) by the customer on the Artwork Proof.

Our suppliers have been carefully selected by us, to ensure we deliver to you the highest quality product possible. Errors can occur – we’re only human.  Should our supplied product or decoration be different from that which has been approved (outside of standard variations). Promocorner / Spida Sports will take full responsibility and will either give you a full refund or reprint your products.

Claims must be made within 1 calendar week of receiving your product, and an outcome agreed upon by both parties within 2 weeks of complaint received.

Faulty Items

While we strive to provide the highest quality in all of our products, sometimes there can be a manufacturer’s faults. We can either replace the item in full or offer a refund. To provide a refund or replacement of the item, the claim must be made within 1 calendar week and we must have the item returned to us within 2 weeks of receiving the claim in the same condition it was received. Anything outside of these time-frames, unfortunately, there is little we can do.


We can accurately predict when your goods will leave our factory, however after goods have left our factory, the responsibility becomes that of the postal services.

Promocorner /Spida Sports take no responsibility for deliveries that are late due to courier delays.

To ensure you have your products on time, please order well in advance and inform your sales representative of your event date.


We value regular and return clients, and after three successful orders, Promocorner /Spida Sports will be happy to discuss opening a 30-day account for ease of operating on a regular basis.

Urgent Orders

If you have specified a date you require your order by, we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability. Your Promocorner /Spida Sports contact will ask you to supply such things as, but not limited to, images, sizes, names, payments and approvals. For your order to be processed in time, we will need these things forthcoming by the dates specified. If we do not receive these items when requested, there is no guarantee that you will receive your order by the date you requested.

Logo Use

If you have a logo or logos you would like printed on your items, you need to seek permission from the owner to use their logo. You also need to be able to supply the high-resolution file of that logo. By using these logos, you are subject to copyright laws.


All artwork and designs created by Promocorner / Spida Sports are subject to Copyright and therefore can only be used with our permission.