Sublimated Clothing for your clubs Teamwear

Sublimated Custom UniformsNo matter what sport you are involved in sublimation clothing would be the weapon of choice for 90% of the clubs and associations team wear. There are many reasons why sublimation clothing has become so popular in recent years. One of these reasons is because all the professional sports uniforms are also moving towards sublimated team wear and everyone mimics what the pros are doing.

That is not the only reason for its success. There are 3 main factors that play a HUGE part which we have outlined below.





Sublimated Team wear is very Versatile

Every item of sublimated clothing is made from 100% Polyester. You may think that this would make every piece of teamwear exactly the same. Well, in fact, you couldn’t be further off the mark. Polyester comes in thousands of different weaves, knits and weights which make the feel of every item of clothing different and unique.

Whether you need a lightweight breathable material for fishing & cricket, or you need a strong knit for AFL football. Polyester has it covered.

Unlimited Design Possibilities

In my opinion, the best and definitely the most exciting benefit of sublimated clothing is that you have the ability to print whatever you want on the garment. The sublimation process allows for unlimited design possibilities. The items can be as crazy and detailed or as subtle as you like, without changing the price.

If you’re not creative then that is fine because our in house design team has this covered.

Sublimated SingletsMakes Profit for your Club

Due to the endless design possibilities, this means you can add as many sponsors logos as you like for no extra cost. Embroidery or screen print would see setups and extra cost for the amount of stitches or colours for each logo you add.  By adding an unlimited amount of sponsors on your garment means you can cover the cost of the items quite easily which then maximises profits for your specific club or association.

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