Redlands Dart Shirts Before & After


A few weeks ago we were contacted by the Redland Darts Association. Their current dart shirts were in dire straights and urgently needed to be updated. They had never thought about sublimated dart shirts before, as there team colours were bright fluro orange and black. They always settled for the high visibility style polo shirts and had a basic 1 colour screen print on the front and back. They often said they looked like council workers and they had simply had enough.

After talking to our designers, they soon realised that they could stick with their bright orange and black team colours but had a little more design freedom; their dart shirts no longer looked like council shirt.

Above is the before and after snapshot. The difference is truly amazing.

We have received comments from their members:

“These are the best dart shirts I have ever worn”,

“They are simply stunning”

“Oh Wow, very nice”

If you have dart shirts that need revamping. Please get in contact and find out what we can do for your team.

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