Spida Sports is a small, family run business which is a branch of the Promotional Items side of our business “Promocorner.com.au“.
With our increase in sportswear manufacturing through Promocorner we realised we needed a sportswear ‘brand’ to supplement this growing side of the business, and so Spida Sports was born in 2014. Since then we have grown to not only supply customised uniforms throughout Australia but also internationally to England, United States, New Zealand, Germany, Canada, Singapore, Cocos Islands, Papua New Guinea and Hungary.

There are three things that we believe in very strongly – service, quality, and price!
1. We endeavour to get back to our customers as swiftly as possible, ideally the same day.
2. We stand by the quality of our items and aim to provide only the best to our customers.
3. While we try to keep costs as affordable as possible, our dedication to quality means we will never sacrifice our price to supply an inferior product.

If you choose Spida Sports as your uniform supplier we can guarantee you will get an unrivalled one on one service throughout your whole ordering process.