Custom Fishing Shirt Review: Trawling Trolls

Trawling Trolls Custom Fishing Shirts 2
Every day we have many clients ring us to talk about their potential designs for custom fishing shirts to be worn for various events, annual fishing trips, bucks nights/hens nights, the list goes on. Needless to say, we have heard almost every design idea out there – or so we thought…

One day a few months ago the phone rang and on the other end was Emily, who needed sublimated fishing shirts for their women fishing comp. Sweet! We do 1000’s of shirts each year so we were guaranteed to be able to help her out. What her idea was something that threw even our best designers. ‘Trawling Trolls‘ was their team name which wasn’t so much the challenge until Emily requested an old school early 90’s Troll doll, the ones everyone had as kids with crazy hair on her shirts. Not only did they want that, but they also wanted to have the troll doll driving the boat. It definitely bought back a lot of memories as most of our team had the whole collection growing up.

So off when our team of designers, showed Emily a few different proofs and we settled on the design pictured above. It’s ordered like these that make our job such awesome challenge day in, day out. To see the looks on our customer’s faces when they wear our fishing shirts makes all the hard work worthwhile.

We would like to thanks Emily for her order and we hope you get many years of enjoyment out of your new shirts. We can’t guarantee anything but we also hope they help pull in those big fish.


Trawling Trolls Sublimated Fishing Shirts