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Team Fishilicious come 2nd in their Tournament Fishing Shirts

Posted on May 22, 2016 |

Last weekend saw the many of our clients travel from all over Australia to the ‘Girls Gone Fishin’ tournament held The Lodge of Dundee in the Northern Territory. Spida sports were lucky enough to have one our own customers, “Team Fishilicious”finish in 2nd place out of 34 teams. From all the photo’s we received it looked like the girls had a fantastic weekend, and your fishing shirts look great as well… (Just saying!) Here is the email I received on Friday arvo! Was certainly a great way to finish off the week. Hey Shaun, Thanks again for your amazing shirt design and great customer service.  Please see attached pictures of the team rockin these awesome shirts at the Girls Gone Fishin 2016 tournament in Dundee Beach. Came in 2nd out of 34 teams!! Cheers, Michelle From the whole team here at Spida Sports, really well done on coming 2nd. That is an awesome result. —- Should you have a tournament coming up or would just like custom fishing shirts for your personal use please contact our team on: 1300 864 755 or email:

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Monster Copeton Cod!

Posted on May 17, 2016 |

It’s not every day you get to catch a monster fish. Below is an article from Dayne Taylor who was lucky enough to reel in the monster on the weekend. So last weekend I had probably one of the most epic fishing experiences I have had to date… I am still on a buzz and up in cloud 9 ! I have been chasing Murray Cod for many a years now and the magical/mythical 1 metre trophy fish has always eluded me. After a lot of time spent scoping forums and reading reports about the quality of Murray Cod being caught out at Copeton Dam in Northern NSW, it was time to head there myself for a chance at catching the trophy fish. I spent 2 nights on the water casting surface lures such as the Westin Swim and the Evergreen Timber Flash Noisy Dach. I caught a few fish ranging between the 80cm and 95cm mark… Then 4am on sunday morning a huge explosion detonated on my surface lure and I was connected to what turned out to be a 110cm Murray Cod. I put in a hell of a lot of cast and really worked hard for these fish but truly, I couldn’t have done it with out the help of these legends, Joel Sorenson and Jason O’Brien. Joel was there on the boat with me the whole time and assisted in landing all the fish especially the big ones that struggled to fit in the net. Jason works along side myself at MoTackle, we both feed of each others obsession with fishing and love the Murray Cod species. He also has a lot of local knowledge when it comes to Copeton and his contacts helped us dial in on a few key area’s to target these monsters. Jason is also the man on the other side of the camera. A massive thanks to everyone involved… I am so stoked right now!...

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Redlands Dart Shirts Before & After

Posted on May 16, 2016 |

A few weeks ago we were contacted by the Redland Darts Association. Their current dart shirts were in dire straights and urgently needed to be updated. They had never thought about sublimated dart shirts before, as there team colours were bright fluro orange and black. They always settled for the high visibility style polo shirts, and had a basic 1 colour screen print on the front and back. They often said they looked like council workers and they had simply had enough. After talking to our designers, they soon realised that they could stick with their bright orange and black team colours but had a little more design freedom; their dart shirts no longer looked like council shirt. Above is the before and after snapshot. The difference is truly amazing. We have received comments from their members: “These are the best dart shirts I have ever worn”, “They are simply stunning” “Oh Wow, very nice” If you have dart shirts that need revamping. Please get in contact and find out what we can do for your team. Call 1300 864 755 or email:...

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